Lacta’Box… Integrated software

Data processing management of the Milk Bank.

Lacta'Box software on PC and Tablet

Our integrated software allows to track and optimize the milk bank, from storage to the dispensation. All actions performed are recorded. Complet history & statistics of your milk bank. Our application can handle a large number of refrigerators, freezers and cold storage rooms, on one or more sites.
Our software can interface with your own computer system already in place with standard protocols such as Hl7, Hprim, etc…

Visual of the home page - Lacta'Box software

Simple and intuitive

With great ease of use.

Fully customizable

Depending on your laboratory storage needs.

Advanced search

Facilitates the identification of your patients baby bottles.

Expired baby bottles alert

Your milk bank alert you constantly for
baby bottles maturing storage.

Visual of the search page - Lacta'Box software
Visual of the statistics - Lacta'Box software

Traceability of all actions performed

Meets ISO 15.189, which facilitates the accreditation of your laboratory.

Temperature management option

An additional module can be integrated to Lacta’Box
to manage and track your temperatures in real-time.

Interface option

We can interface your Lacta Box with
your laboratory information system provider.

We have developed different modules that integrate with our software such as temperature traceability in real-time, an electronic lock that is interfaced directly with the archiving of the opening and closing of each enclosure. Our new system secures your baby bottles and increases their traceability. Only authorized and approved persons can have access.

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