Lacta’Box… Accessories

We have developed a range of accessories to optimize the storage of your milk bank. Our Lacta’Box modules are flexible and easy to install. We offer trays for single baby bottles of different suppliers such as DTF Medical, the possibilities are endless. We manufacture customized racks according to your request. We produce cold room shelves with anodized aluminum that can receive our trays. 3 standards sizes shelves are available. It is also possible to produce custom shelves according to your expectations. All our solutions are flexible depending on your setup. Among our accessories you can acquire hand scanners 1D/2D, touch screens for your Lacta’Box and our software in standalone.

Standards trays

Diameter 65 for baby bottles.

Customized trays

Sliding, quick release, which allow to work on bench.

Can be placed on shelves

In cold room or sent to another site.

Lacta’Box Trays

Accessories - Rack for single baby bottles

Single Baby bottles tray

Accessories - Rack for loose baby bottles

Loose Baby bottles tray

Accessories - Rack for baby bottles in basket

Basket tray

Shelves for cold rooms

Quick release and sliding trays

With aluminum extension mounted

Custom configuration

According to your specifications.

Accessories - Shelves for Milk bank

Trolley for Milk Bank

Trolley for milk bank

For the transport of Lacta’Box trays

adaptable to different types of trays.

Scanners and Mini-scanners

Integrated Mini Scanner

For barcode 1D/2D Datamatrix reading

Mini scanner Lacta'Box

Touchscreens and tablets

Tablet and touchscreen Lacta'Box

Pc tablets or touch screens

Powered by our Lacta’Box and our software.

Printers and labels

A full range of printers

We offer different printers
and multiple label formats.

Printers and Labels